Monday, May 28, 2012

Superfood Sweet Tea

This summer, swap out that sugar laden, low grade sweet tea for something that contributes to your health and nourishes your body. This healthy sweet tea recipe uses green tea and burns belly fat, which tends to accumulate in asthmatics due to steroid use. It is full of anti-oxidants to combat inflammation and even fights cancer by turning on protective genes in our bodies.

So, yeah, all that hype about green tea you've heard? Is totally true. And it can help asthmatcis breathe because it doesn't just slake thirst, it adds to health.

Note that green tea does cross-react with some medications. Check with your pharmacist or physician to make sure it's safe for you.

Ingredients for one 16oz cup:

-Two Matcha green tea bags. (Matcha is the highest quality green tea around. I buy it in bulk at Costco or online.)
-One mint tea bag
-1-2 tsps. of locally sourced honey (local honey is more likely to retain enzymes that benefit your health)


On a hot summer day, you don't even need to heat the water, you can cold brew your superfood sweet tea in just a few minutes. Simply pour the water into a glass, add the tea bags, let steep. Stir in honey just before consuming.

In cold weather, heat the water until just hot. High temperatures inhibit the potency of the Matcha green tea.

Don't just fill your belly, feed your body good health!

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