Thursday, June 21, 2012

Eat to Breath Manifesto: # 1 Eat Functional Foods

Functional foods restore health and inhibit disease and few people in the First World eats enough of them. In the future, I believe most of our modern health problems will not only be traced back to the industrialization of our diet, but also the failure of medical science to recognize and utilize the medicinal power of food.
Today, we eat industrial, mechanized foods that have had their healing properties stripped, fried and boiled out of them. Not only does the food no longer decay, dead bodies take longer to decompose due to all the food chemicals stored in our fat.
Further, asthmatics really get the short end of the stick. We take steroids, which saves our lives in the short run, only to ruin our health in the long run. The toxic effects of today’s mass produced, chemically flavored foods are magnified and compounded by steroids. If asthmatics aren’t aggressive about off-setting the damage of steroid use, their health will suffer. I know because it happened to me and I’m turning it around with the steps outlined in this website.
How will you incorporate functional foods into your life? Below I’ve listed the specifics, that serve as guiding principles for this blog. Count how many you’ve already heard before.
-Eat low glycemic fruits
-Eat green vegetables
-Buy organic, including meat
-Switch to glass food storage and avoid plastic
-Filter your water
-Use qunioa pasta in place of regular pasta
-Bake with almond and flax flours
-Eliminate pro-inflammatory fast food, sugar and flour (both white and whole wheat)
-Swap treats with nutritional counterparts (for example, see the recipe for chocolate cake or pancakes)
-Drink tea and water instead of coffee, juice and pop--not even diet pop.
Most of these are things everyone has heard at one time or another, so maybe we eat an apple and try a glass of iced tea...once. This is not enough. You must hit critical mass in the phytonutrient density of your diet in order to tip your body on the path to good health. That’s what this whole blog is about, creating a nutritional tipping point within your body that counteracts the asthma.
Read the rest of the Eat to Breathe Manifesto here.


  1. Just found your blog.It is very imformative.Keep up such a wonderful blog.

  2. keep up the good work. I also eat to repair my body. Was a severe asthmatic for 28 years... I changed the way I was doing things and now it seems for the past 2 years I am better....