Thursday, June 21, 2012

Eat to Breathe Manifesto: #5 Progress Not Perfection

Eating to breathe is a transition, it doesn’t have to be perfect. There just has to be consistent forward motion.
In the beginning, mistakes happen because you’re still learning. I remember when I first eliminated sugar from my diet I went on to accidentally eat a mint. It was just one of those habitual things I did without thinking. Even though I was scouring labels for hidden sugar, it didn’t even occur to me that my after-dinner mint was a no-no. What did I do? I learned from it and moved on, which is what you need to do.
Stuff happens, try not to worry about the past so much as focusing on planning your future to ensure your success. When you make mistakes, identify their root cause and decide how you will avoid the same mistake down the road.
As your life becomes more integrated with the principles here, you’ll do better, but there will always be those times where you end up eating something less than desirable. Maybe you had a bad day, or you’re on vacation, or traveling and there’s nothing but fast food, or you attend a wedding---all these events have happened to me and presented opportunities to eat less-than-ideal food. Sometimes you can anticipate and bring your own food or will find something on the menu that will work for you. Other times, you just eat what’s there because there’s nothing else to eat.
In the near future, I’ll share strategies on how to mitigate the effects of consuming the wrong foods, but know that , in the grand scheme of things, they will not hurt you so long as you plan the work and work the plan.
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