Monday, June 4, 2012

Magical High Nutrient Cookies

I got a little sidetracked from walnuts and ended up making cookies instead. However,  I still plan on a 'how to eat more walnuts' post. But first cookies.

Please keep in mind that eating with asthma is not about deprivation, it's about choosing foods that improve your health and mitigate steroid side effects. These cookies fit the bill on both counts. They are buttery and sweet, everything you want in a cookie.

In fact, they are magic.

No, I'm not crazy. See, even though these cookies have high sugar items such as dried fruit and chocolate, they have an even lower glycemic index because of one secret ingredient.

Just using this one ingredient in your baking will decrease the impact of the sugar on your system. And if you've read all the previous posts, you know that steroids make folks very susceptible to high blood sugar.

What is the magic secret?

Almond flour!

In studies, combining almond flour with other foods, markedly lowered the glycemic load and improved blood sugar response. (Reference.)  Almonds are also full of magnesium, which is a natural bronchodilator often used in the Emergency Room to relax airways.(Reference.) Further, did you know that asthmatics tend to have low magnesium levels? (Reference.) I do! Which is probably why magnesium supplements and ER treatments are so helpful for my breathing.

Further, almond flour is full of heart healthy fats, fiber and protein. It fills you up and nourishes your body--I'm all about that!

Sure, I call it a cookie, but really it's a health food. Shhh. No one has to know.

I've made this recipe many, many times and let me tell you, the batch never lasts more than 24 hours. Usually I end up hiding the cookies so there will be some left for the next day.

You don't need nutrient poor, pro-inflammatory flour to make cookies! You can make a cookie that improves your health and delights your taste buds. Here's how:

Makes: Approximately 12 cookies.
Time: 20 minutes prep, 10-20 minutes to bake.

-1/2 cup Stevia
-1/2 cup butter OR 1/4 cup coconut oil
-1 tbsp vanilla extract
-1 egg
-2 1/4 cups almond flour (I buy mine online.)
-1/4 cup dried cherries or other fruit i.e. raisins, chopped prunes, craisins etc...
-1/2 cup Ghiradelli chocolate chips 60% cacao (organic is better if you can find it, don't use other name brands their cacao content is quite low.)

1.Preheat the oven to 350F
2.Cream sweetener and butter, then add the vanilla and egg. Mix until all ingredients are incorporated.
3.Add baking soda.
4.Mix in 2 1/4 cups flour.
5.Stir in chocolate and cherries.
6.Form dough into balls about the size of a ping-pong ball. Place on cookie sheet and flatten with your fingers (this recipe needs a little help spreading).
7.Spray cookie sheet with non-stick spray.
8.Bake for 10-12 minutes but check at the 8 minute mark until you know how your oven bakes almond flour.
9.Let cookies sit and cool for 5-10 minutes--moving them too soon can cause them to break.

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  1. Baking soda is listed in the instructions, but no amount is given in the ingredient list.